Inanna - Winter Solstice Celebration

Cadenza, 5 Depot Street, Freeport, ME

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Our first concert was on the Winter Solstice in 1989, and we have continued to celebrate this holiday annually. The Winter Solstice is the holiday of the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna, whose myth recounts her descent and reemergence from the underworld. Some versions of the myth describe her being called back to the upper world through the sound of the drum.  Other versions of the myth say that she was responsible for bringing the drum to her people. This year our theme will be about the “Beauty we Love!” Yes lets bring in the light with fun and celebration. Some of the music will be from that most recent CD and new music too! We’ve begun work on our new CD.  We are excited to announce that Paul D’Alessio and Tina Murphy will be joining us. Both Paul and Tina have been in the Maine music scene for over thirty years and add so much to Inanna’s world music sound. Come celebrate!

$18 Advanced $20 at the door