The Healing Magic of Rhythm

The Rowe Center, 22 Kings Highway, Rowe, MA

Celebrate the coming holiday season and winter solstice with Inanna and feel the nurturing warmth and healing magic of rhythm. December 6-8. 

Rhythm is in you and all around you, even in the silences and stillnesses of winter. Your breath, your cells, muscles, bones, your whole body understands the vibration that creates life. The moon’s cycles and the rhythm of Mother Earth as it moves toward the winter solstice have a pulse that you resonate with on a very deep level. As you prepare for the new year, discover how rhythm is a great healer and how, with drumming, you can be reminded of the place you hold in the cycles of life. In this workshop, you will explore meditation with drumming, yoga with drumming, breathing with drumming, singing, sound healing, dancing and drumming in community, and being a part of the whole song. In breakout classes, you will use frame drums, djembes, bass drums, and small percussion. Bring what you have or let us know and we can provide drums. These sessions will accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced for more focused study

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