Lifebreath - Immerse into Your Own Inner Ocean

Sundara Yoga, 54 Cumberland Street, Brunswick, ME

The inner art of breathing along with our conscious intention is a great way to attain our goals of radiant health, mental clarity, emotional peace and spiritual fulfillment. Life Breath invites a deep sense of “Self” that will be created through the process of deep breathing, affirmations, music and sound healing.

During this class you will be lying comfortably on a mat and simply guided to experience and embody your breath! Please join us in rhythm, voice and breath as we celebrate the beginning of the new year. Tori Morrill will be facilitating LifeBreath along with Jonne Trees, Jillian Hanson, Aleana Krupinsky and Inanna Sisters in Rhythm will be weaving their amazing voices and percussion to offer a soundscape to carry us through this unforgettable experience


Please reserve your spot on Sundara Yoga’s website https://www.sundarayogame.com/

You will find the event under Workshops/Trainnings. Please bring water and blanket to cover.