Ecstatic Rhythm and Flow Workshop with Murielle & Mae Corwin and Live Drumming

Sundara Yoga, 54 Cumberland Street, Suite 3, Brunswick, ME

Prepare to open your heart, free your spirit and tap into a deep sense of connection with yourself and your own unique rhythm. Let the music move you, and have fun rocking your "Sadhana" in your own divine way. Sadhana means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal. This workshop will take you on a journey through controlled breath work, energetic vinyasa yoga, ecstatic movement and deep, meditative rest. We will allow the music provided by Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm to inspire our movement and shake out any "stuck" energy in order to renew our connection to the "Prana" (the life force) within each and everyone of us. The workshop begins with setting our intentions or "sankalpas", followed by a practice of circular flow, a yoga practice that faces all directions in the room. Expect a vigorous class that will gradually gain in intensity, with the option of modification for all levels. The workshop will close with grounding, meditative movement, come ready to open to the great power within each and every one of us.  To Resgister got to the website https://www.sundarayogame.com/ and click on workshops and scroll down to this event and click on sign up.