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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

The Rowe Center
Woman Soul: A Community of Sacred Trust - Please read below
22 Kings Highway
Rowe, Ma 01367
Price: Sliding scale inquire at Rowe


Woman Soul is a seasoned program with an amazing skilled staff, a mystery school, and an intensive, all wrapped up in one. It is for women both experienced and new to this work.

We are delighted to offer Woman Soul earlier this year to help young women and mothers join this amazing sacred circle! We are a gentle group, a caring one, and truly authentic. Come stand in circle under the stars with us. Touch the winds of change, feel the magic of the forest, and dream again that the world is a better place. Come join our heartfelt community of powerful women rising as Visionaries, Seekers, Dreamers, and Guardians of our planet. Come home to your soul. Touch authenticity in so many profound ways. This year, learn what it truly means to understand the cosmic patterns within our hearts and our personal journeys home to our soul. You’ll celebrate with other women and explore the teachings of Saraswati. Many have worked with this goddess, but at Woman Soul you’ll have the opportunity to explore and unravel a profound new mystery found in the depths of her teaching. You’ll go one step beyond the archetypes and embrace the sacred as palpable energy, in your own way. Learning sacred alignments is one of the foundations as you discover ways to bring new forms and insights to ancient stories. You will align with Saraswati’s teachings and feel the opening like a radiant lotus of all women as they embrace their extraordinary diverse beauty.

Participate in the most beautiful honoring ceremony for our elders in all of New England! If you are looking for an intimate experience – an Avalon of sorts – with skilled priestesses and want authentic spirit-bonds, come be a part of Woman Soul 2019. Experience well-designed programs and learn with other women as you explore daily revelations in Priestess Labs. Explore healing and apply ancient myths to the world at large as you develop or expand down-to-earth and out-of-this-world shamanic skills. Come experience the visionary’s path through Magaian techniques, fire dance, circle dance, and happy dance. Enjoy concerts under the stars, creativity in the art temple, nature walks, quiet moments, drumming in many styles. Attune your psychic gifts with new techniques. Learn about sacred geometry, coded patterns, and more.

Eclipse Neilson is a Magaian priestess, a visionary activist, artist, and author of The Magical Gold Coins, When Children Believe, The Epiphany of Hu – 16 evolutionary steps for the Soul; Stand In My Heart: An Elephant’s Dream; Motherghost: A Journey to the Mother; The Moon in Hand: A Mystical Passage; Wing & Bough; Apple Dreams; Journey to the Heart cards; and The Singing Forest Divination Deck. She leads programs on cosmic alignments, and several tribal traditions have honored her as a “Vision Keeper.” Currently she is designing innovative bully-prevention programs for educational communities.


Monday, February 11th, 2019

Slates Restaurant & Bakery
8:15 PM
169 Water Street
Hallowell, ME 04347
207 622-9575
Price: $15-$10

Hey Everybody,
After a creative hiatuses Red Bird is performing again! Please come see us. We’d love to reconnect with you all. Come early and treat yourself to their amailing food and hospitality. Or just come for their mouth watering desserts and drinks, and the music of course! Call to make your reservations now. 

Red Bird is Paul D’Alessio, Tori Morrill, Toki Oshima, and John Pranio. They have been playing together for years sharing a diverse repertoire of folk to world music. Instruments include Fiddle, Mandolin, Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Djembe, and Cajon And other various fun percussion instruments. The blend of music created by this collaboration is lively, playful, warm, fin and uplifting. 

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