Upcoming Dates

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Giving Birth to Ourselves Frame Drum Intensive Series six month program of intensive study, practice and play on the frame drum with Tori Morrill and Shirsten Lundblad. - Saturdays 10:00 AM -5:00 PM
90 Lieb Road
Spencer, New York 14883
Tori - (207) 332-5892
Price: See Below


The frame drum is a hand held instrument played in a variety of techniques throughout the world for ritual, healing, shamanic journeying, entrainment, ecstatic celebration and joy. We will learn rhythms and hand techniques from the Middle East, South India, North Africa, and Brazil on the Tar and Tambourine, utilizing the curriculum created by Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes called Giving Birth to Ourselves (GBTO).

The program includes study materials. You will need to have a Tar, Tambourine, either Layne Redmond’s Frame drum Intensive DVDs or CDs.  There is a discount if you pay for the entire course upfront. We are happy to offer a payment plan, but please note that you are required to pay for the entire amount each weekend regardless of a need to be absent.

The Dates: 2018  Apr. 7,  May 19,  June 16,   July 14,  Aug. 18,  Sept. 15.

Saturdays 10:00 AM -5:00 PM

To Register
1. Please choose your option and email Torimorrill@me.com for more information.
2. You will need to mail a deposit of $150 or the entire amount, payable to Inanna Sisters, to Tori Morrill 287 Iron Ore Point Palermo, Maine 04354 by March 1, 2018. 

Option 1 
Pay upfront $600 or payment plan $650
Course with study materials

Option 2
Pay upfront $725 or payment plan $775
Course, DVD's, study materials

Option 3
Pay upfront $825 or payment plan $875
Course, Tambourine, study materials

Option 4 
Pay upfront $950 or payment plan $1000
Course, Tambourine, DVDs study materials

Option 5 Repeaters $70 per day

Save a little by purchasing your own  DVDs from Layneredmond.com or CDs from CDbaby.com.

We can advise you on where to purchase tambourines and tars.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Paralounge Drum Gathering
19300 S.E 3rd ST.
Silver Springs, FL 34478
Clint @ 386-249-4104

May 3-6 2018

The Paralounge Drum Gathering is a celebration of the human spirit. Paralounge Inc. is dedicated to building a community utilizing drum and dance from around the world. Each indigenous culture has developed unique styles and techniques involving drum and dance. This indigenous music has become the building blocks of our modern music. So there is a very educational aspect to the practice we call “drum circle”. We can learn the intricate foundations of our music and learn about world culture as well

The Paralounge  is a family friendly Music Retreat in central Florida. It’s a unique family event that promotes multicultural interaction that strengthens the community through fun and educational workshops and performances. Enjoy learning about indigenous cultures from all over the world. Participate in workshops designed to teach self confidence, team building, creativity and musicality. We encourage entire families to participate!

FMI: staff@paralounge.net

Website: paralounge.net




Past Dates

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Rhythm Wave - Women's Drum Festival - 11/10-12/ the whole weekend
595 North Ave.
Wakefield, MA
(617) 462-7866
Price: http://www.rhythmrave.com/article-home.htm

This is a women's rhythm gathering dream. Weekend full of amazing facilitators. Refer to the website for all the details.

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Mainely Women September Retreat 2017
Casco, ME
Price: Check website for more details https://www.mainelywomen.com/

September 7 - 10  Thursday - Sunday

Powerful, Life-Changing, Transformational and Magical event. This retreat is so fun. Check it out...

Nature fun with Canoeing and Kayaking, Rock Climbing Wall, Zip Line, Swimming, Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking , Swimming, Beaching and R&R

Wellness classes include LifeBreath, Yoga, Sound Healing, Chakra Meditation, Polarity, Crystal Bed Healing, Life Readings, Massages,and Reiki.

Also - ChakraDance, Zumba and Aqua Zumba and Drumming with Inanna!

Come for the weekend, just a day or just a couple of classes. The breakdown of prices are on the website.


Saturday, June 17th, 2017

1837 Forest Ave
Portland, ME
Price: $65 (Djembes avaiable to rent)


This workshop is a 4-hour (10am-2pm) immersion in the rich tradition of West African hand and stick drumming. We will learn technique and solo phrases on the traditional Djembe together with the three accompanying Bass Drums (Dununs) and enjoy their rhythmic and melodic interaction.  Playing music together in a group is fun and exciting and you'll enjoy the rhythms we'll be creating together!
Drummers of all levels are welcome. Previous hand drumming experience is recommended!
Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and snacks for a light lunch during break!

Pre-registration is required to attend all classes!

Contact Annegret Baier Phone: 207-871-8859 e-mail: annegret@maine.rr.com

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Portland Friends Meeting House
5 Week African Drum Class with Annegret Baier - 6:00 - 7:30pm
1837 Outer Forest Ave
Portland, ME
Price: COST: $130 (Djembes are available to rent. Please let me know!)

Energize yourself with rhythm!

Join Annegret Baier and other drumming enthusiasts for a 5-week drum class geared toward Beginner and Intermediate players, exploring rhythms from West Africa.

Dates: Wednesdays 4/5, 4/12, 4/26, 5/3 and 5/10

If you want to brush up on your Djembe skills and interested in learning fascinating polyrhythms on hand and stick drums this is your chance!  We will learn rhythms for Djembe and the authentic Malinke style Bass drums Dounounba, Sangba and Kenkeni.

Class size is limited! Pre-registration is required!
Please contact Annegret Baier:  
phone: 207-871-8859
e-mail: annegret@maine.rr.com

Check Out Annegret's new website design https://www.annegretbaier.com/

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Barn at Windpointe
Giving Birth to Ourselves Frame Drum Intensive Series
Freeport, ME
(207) 332-5892

A six month program of intensive study, practice and play on the frame drum with Tori Morril and Shirsten Lundblad.  To Register or for more information email Tori Morrill - torimorrill@me.com or Shirsten Lundblad - kiz@gwi.net or call Tori 207-332-5892

"The frame drum intensive Giving Birth To Ourselves was a journey of self discovery and the beginning of a loving community of frame drummers that sustains me to this day! Shirsten and Tori lovingly led us through the material, modeling a compassionate and playful attitude toward learning new skills that challenged brain, body, and emotions. It was a wonderful immersion into the frame drum, as well as learning itself, and it has given me the lasting gift of ease in new situations, patience, and was responsible for taking a serious chunk out of my chronic perfectionism." Phyllis Capanna

The Dates: 2017 March 19, Apr 30, June 4, July 9, Aug. 13, Sept.17.
Sundays 10:00 AM -5:00 PM.

The program includes study materials and more which make home practice delightful. Pick your option below. You will need to have a Tar and a Tambourine. You will see there is a discount if you pay for the entire course upfront. We are happy to offer a payment plan, but please note that you are required to pay for the entire amount each weekend regardless of a need to be absent.

“No Drummer Left Behind Policy” Please speak to us if cost is prohibitive. We may be able to offer a discount, barter, or scholarship funds to help those students who need financial assistance. If you would like to con- tribute to our scholarship fund please let us know. Any amount is helpful.

To Register

1. Please choose your option from the choices below.

2. Email Torimorrill@me.com and kiz@gwi.net to tell us you'd like to join and briefly tell us your experience with frame drumming, unless we already know you

3.Mail your deposit payable to Inanna Sisters to Tori Morrill 287 Iron Ore Point Palermo, Maine by Feb. 1,2017, so we may order your supplies. 

Option A $800 Upfront
The Course, Tambourine, DVD's and study materials
Or payment plan option - $100 per gathering - deposit $260

Option B $672 Upfront
The Course, Tambourine, study materials
payment plan option - $85 per gathering the - deposit $225

Option C $575 Upfront
The Course, DVD's , study materials
payment plan option - $85 per gathering - deposit $125

Option D $450 Upfront
Just the Course with study materials
payment plan option, - $85 per gathering - no deposit

Option E Repeaters $45 (add $225 for a new Inanna Tambourine)

The frame drum is a hand held instrument played in a variety of forms throughout the world since the beginning of time, for ritual, entrainment, healing, shamanic journeying, and ecstatic celebration.Together we will learn rhythms and hand techniques from the Middle East, South India, North Africa, and Brazil on the Tar and Tambourine, utilizing the curriculum created by Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes called Giving Birth to Ourselves (GBTO).

The strokes of the drum allow one to connect with elemental energies within our bodies and in the world around us. Rhythmic practice synchronizes the brain and the internal pulsations of our body rhythms, and it allows us to connect deeply in community. Rhythmic play also invites an immense joy into ones being.

Drummers of all levels are invited to participate. The material presented can facilitate seasoned drummers to refine and develop their technique and play, and students new to the drum become fully initiated through this 6 month immersion. It is highly recommended to participated in a frame drum class prior to the program. Throughout the six months, students are asked to make a commitment to an hour of practice a day.



Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

When the Drummers were Women, The Legacy of Layne Redmond
22 Kings Highway
Rowe, MA 01367
(413) 339-4954
Price: See Website: http://rowecenter.org

Join a festive weekend of drumming Sept. 22-25, to honor the legacy of beloved Rowe presenter Layne Redmond, the wonderful frame drum virtuoso who passed away in 2013.

   Layne Redmond, award-winning musician, recording artist, teacher, and drum historian, was known and loved all over the world – and especially at Rowe. This weekend everyone is welcome: men and women; beginner, intermediate, and experienced musicians; those who knew Layne; and those who will discover her remarkable legacy for the first time. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and honor Layne's unique inspiration – “a musical discipline within a spiritual framework” – by immersing in the experience of shared drumming and sacred space. Learn the power of the frame drum, immerse yourself in rhythmic ritual, develop your drumming skill, combine voice and drumming, and much more, working with Layne’s longtime collaborators Deborah Reed, Shirsten Lundblad, Tori Morrill, Hollie Marron, Barb Pitcher, and Amy Oak. You’ll also learn about frame drumming’s fascinating sacred history and its connection with the bee goddesses of the ancient Mediterranean world. This weekend will celebrate Layne in the way she would have loved most, through spirited drumming and sacred community.

This retreat is for ALL LEVELS OF DRUMMERS, so please invite all your friends to initiate them into this beloved community.

GROUP DISCOUNTS are available:
    for groups of 1-4, everyone gets a 10% discount
    for groups of 5-6, everyone gets a 10% discount, and the 6th person gets 1/2 price
    for groups of 7 or more, everyone gets a 10% discount and one person is free

All that is needed now is $100 to register.  To get any of the above discount options, form a group, email Rowe the list of names on that group, and then each person can call on their own to register.  When you arrive in September, depending on the number in your group, when you pay you all can split up the one person’s 1/2 or full price discount.

Brazilian-inspired rhythms **** Layne’s composition Seven Sent **** Piece from the Inanna Songbook **** Kirtan **** Technique and rhythms on the pandeiro and kanjira **** drum technique and stepping the pulse for all levels ****Circle dance **** Ritual Drumming and Ceremony ****Fun evening activities and More!

Contact Rowe ASAP!


Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Mainely Women - Check In Thurs.
Sunday River Ski Mountain
Bethel, Me
207-310-0626 Beth@mainelywomen.com
Price: For fees and to register: http://www.mainelywomen.com/contact-register.html

Your Weekend Getaway - September 8-11. 2016

Mainely Women September Retreat is all about fun, sisterhood, nature and learning about caring for ourselves. With lots of choices, you can create an R&R get-away, a fitness extravaganza or a nature adventure camp - it's all about you. Our staff is here to guide you through an experience of a life time. We will be based out of the Jordan Resort at the beautiful Sunday River Ski Mountain in Bethel, Maine, located in the White Mountains. Activities include a hike on the Appalachian Trail, canoe trip, Yoga, Chakra Dance, Life breath, Zumba, Drumming, spa services, pool and more. Check out www.MainelyWomen.com for more information.

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

WOMAN SOUL - A Community of Sacred Trust
22 Kings Highway
Rowe, MA
(413) 339-4954
Price: Call Rowe (413) 339-4954

Aug 27-Sept 1, 2015

Inanna is so happy to be doing this work under the guidance of Eclipse Fey and with all the amazing women that attend. If you feel the call please come join us.

Woman Soul is a seasoned camp, a mystery school, and an intensive, all wrapped up in one, for women both experienced and new to this work.  

    Come home to your soul. Give her flight and freedom as you explore the Ancient Mysteries of the Bird Goddess.  Stand in circle under the stars. Touch the winds of change, feel the magic of the forest and dream your heart opening. Join an authentic, heartfelt community of powerful women rising as Visionaries, Seekers, Dreamers, and Guardians of our planet. This year, we'll learn the magical insights of The Bird Goddess. We will honor her as "She who brings splendor into our lives.” In well-designed programs, share and learn with other women, exploring revelations in Priestess Labs. Apply ancient myths to the world at large as you develop or expand your  unique down-to-earth and out-of-this-world shamanic skills. Experience the visionary's path through Magaian techniques. Learn fire dance, circle dance, and happy dance. Enjoy concerts under the stars, creativity in the art temple, nature walks, quiet moments, frame drumming, and rituals. Attune your inner voice with song and develop your psychic gifts with new techniques. Learn about sacred geometry, coded patterns, and more. Participate in the most beautiful honoring ceremony for our elders in all of New England! If you are looking for an intimate experience – an Avalon of sorts – with skilled priestesses and want authentic spirit-bonds, come be a part of Woman Soul.

 Eclipse Neilson is a Magaian priestess, a visionary activist, artist, and author of Stand In My Heart:An Elephant’s Dream; Motherghost: A Journey to the Mother; The Moon in Hand: A Mystical Passage; Wing & Bough; Apple Dreams; Journey to the Heart cards;and The Singing Forest Divination Deck. She leads programs on cosmic alignments, and several tribal traditions have honored her as a "Vision Keeper.” Currently she is designing innovative bully-prevention programs for educational communities.


Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Private Home in Cape Elizabeth
Introduction to Frame Drums - 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Will send directions upon registration
Cape Elizabeth, ME.
(207) 332-5892
Price: $25

Tori Morrill will be sharing the work of Layne Redmond, master drummer of the frame drum and Author of "When the Drummers were Women."

The frame drum is played in a variety of forms throughout the world for ritual, entrainment, healing, shamanic journeying, and ecstatic celebration. We will learn rhythms and hand techniques on the Tar and Tambourine as well as the history of this beautiful instrument. Come hear it's voice and learn ways to use this as a tool for healing and play. Tori will have drums available to use. 

If you are considering taking the program "Giving Birth to Ourselves," an intensive frame drum series taught by Tori Morrill and Shirsten Lundblad this would be a good class to take first. This brilliant program designed by Layne Redmond and Tommy Be is a wonderful way to truly learn about this instrument and to really become a frame drum player. Information about the GBTO is coming soon. 

To register: Contact Tori at torimorrill@me.com


Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Frame Drum Classes - Intro and Beyond - 1:30 - 3:30
Directions will be sent upon registration
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Price: $25

Tori Morrill will be sharing the work of Layne Redmond, master drummer of the frame drum and Author of "When the Drummers were Women."

Layne writes: "Drumming is an ancient technology for directly synchronizing the mind/body complex to access higher levels of consciousness and is unequaled in its power to open and maintain a state of ritual awareness. Rhythm is the primary structuring power of life on this planet. The first sound we hear is the pulse of our motherʼs blood; drumming is the musical expression of this primal truth."

We will:
*Practice the basic strokes on the tambourine and tar (frame drum), and their relationships to the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
* Combine the strokes to form rhythms and interconnected patterns.
* Some uses of frame drums in a spiritual context.

Drums and tambourines will be available upon request
***Space is limited to 10 participants.***

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

The Governor Hill Mansion
Pop grooves for the Tambourine with Tori Morrill and Paul D'Alessio - 6:30-8:30 PM
136 State Street
Augusta, Me 04330
Price: $25

Thursdays April 14, 21, 28 and May 12

To register contact Tori Morrill at torimorrill@me.com  or call 207-332-5892

The Tambourine is an ancient instrument found all around the world in many styles of music, from traditional and orchestral drumming to the popular sound of the times and all in-between. 

Paul D’Alessio versatile in many styles of music on various stringed instruments and  Tori Morrill, also  versatile in many styles of music on various drums,  will teach a class together on how to accompany  stringed instruments with the Tambourine. We will cover  Reggae/Caribbean, Calypso, Cuban/Latin, Irish, Zydeco/New Orleans, Funk,  R&B and Rock.


Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Retreat in Englewood, Florida - Feb 25-28 Information below
3372 N Access Rd
Englewood, Florida

Soak up some sun and spend a long weekend on Florida's Gulf coast drumming with Inanna.Concert at Unity of Venice on Sat. Feb 27, 7:00 and classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers in Frame Drum, West African and Dundun Dance. 

The Classes are held at Dance Etc. Englewood 3372 N Access Rd, Englewood Florida 

Annegret Baier will be teaching African Drum classes on thursday Feb 25. Beginner/Intermediate Class 5-6:30  $25.00  Intermediate/Advanced 7-9 $35.00  Both Classes $50.00  For more details 

DunDun Dance offered on Fri. Feb 26 6:30 -8:00. $35

Tori and Shirsten will be teaching  Frame Drum classes working with the New Inanna Song book. Feb 27-28  each day 10-3 $60. $100 for both classes.   For More details 

Ending with a Drum Jam on the beach in Englewood as we drum to the sunset. 6:00. (Free every sunday!)

If you would like to spent the four days immersing yourself in African classes, Dundun dance, Frame Drum Classes , Concert- Perform  and Drum Circle  the cost is $180. Mix and match classes/ family rates available. Let Linda know what you can do and she'll run it by us. 

To get your tickets or to sign up for drum classes call Linda or stop by  at  Dance Etc, Englewoodat 941-460-8072, or through PayPal to DanceEnglewood@gmail.com 

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