Come to Woman Soul and hold this prayer with us. We plan on being there.
May we be open to what has always been.
May the silence of what is no longer, cannot be and is gone, shield us from a dark thunder.
May we be surprised.
May we wonder.
May we imagine.
May we feel bewildered, awed and turned around – all within the swirl of one simple moment.
May we bow at the omnificent power of grief and the depth of the human heart.
May we show reverence.
May we be stilled by gentleness and moved by beauty.
May we learn life.
May we feel promise as we embrace hope beyond any reason.
May the child’s voice become our lullaby as we rest .
May we know the prayer for our future, is shaped by an old one’s sigh in the dark night.
May the intricacies of our understanding become a veil of fine lace.
May we be kind to each other in moments of our uncertainty
May we move forward together like a wave of clear intention– angels with wings wide opened.
May we let the storms fall away, time flow and let the sun rise as we sing “Let it be so”.
“Let it be so”
Eclipse Neilson December 31, 2014 (c)
art Eclipse from The Singing Forest Deck

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