Hello, Everyone, Its been a while since we posted anything here. However, we have decided to take turns writing about anything we feel we'd like to share.  I am going first and what I would like you all to know is that I am very excited to be in the world with all of you. I keep hearing that these times are special. More  so then other times in history ...! ?  I don't know but what I do know is that I am grateful for my life and grateful to be able to spread good news and hopeful visions for a world full of peace, love and joy. So in honor of this week's energy around the fall equinox, international peace day, unity gatherings, climate march in NYC etc.so much more.... I want to share a friends writing that really caught my eye and I found myself saying yes!!! I believe this can happen. Enjoy. 

by Mosa Baczewska
Breaking News, this just in...   

Pangs of Conscience broke out all over the world today.
At first people didn't know what was happening, what to do, 
it seemed an unfamiliar emotion.
But slowly realization spread.

Men stopped their fists in mid air from striking their wife, lover, child, enemy
Mothers stopped yelling at their children,
Children stopped crying
Soldiers lay down their arms and bent their heads in humbled agony
People dropped the word 'hate' from their speaking
Billionaires began to give back
People with more than enough went looking for people in need

Heads were bent in prayer
Words were intoned
Cries were heard
"Please forgive me, I knew not what I was doing
I forgot who You are. I forgot who I am. I forgot I am You."

The world grew silent as humbled folk lifted their heads to greet each other.

Arms extended, hands clasped in reconciliation, the world continued as before, 
only better, sweeter, quieter, softer, stronger, 
laughter replaced anger, communication sparked.

By midnight the 100th monkey was fed, clothed, soothed, apologized and forgiven.

The pangs of conscience turned into consciousness, 
People looked with new eyes, turned a new direction
This just in, this just in....

© 9/12/14 Mosa

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