Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, is an all-women’s percussion and vocal ensemble dedicated to cultural diversity, education, and healing through the universal language of music.  Blending western vocal harmonies with the polyrhythms of West Africa, the Middle East, and Brazil, they create a multicultural fusion beyond tradition.  Together for 26 years, the band has recorded six full-length albums; been invited to schools to teach drumming and culture to youth; and performed extensively. 

Through their own teaching, the members of Inanna seek not only to provide musical education, but also to cultivate vibrant community.  The band takes its name from the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna, who was worshiped more than 4,000 years ago when it is believed that the drummers were predominantly women.

In January of last year Elizabeth Derecktor, one of the founding members of Inanna, made the decision to leave the band.  She is choosing to focus her creative energies on her family and on the fulfillment of her long time vision of Riverland Arts Center.  

Lizzy has been a major force in Inanna, with her powerful passionate playing, her talent as visionary, her joy and sense of fun, and also for her artistry over the years, designing beautiful painted silk clothing for the band.  Her 26 years of devoted commitment to Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm has been significant in keeping the band alive. We miss and love her and wish her all the best in fulfilling her dreams. 

A gift for you all! In collaboration with David D Gagne, our version of Ho'oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian healing practice. Click here to listen.


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